Java Interview Programs

Below are frequently asked java programs in an interview. You can also go through the top 50 java interview questions. You may also go through the other important interview questions like: Selenium Interview Questions Agile Interview Questions MySQL Interview Questions WordPress Interview Questions We have to categorize our Java programs in different segments. 1. STRING How to reverse String. For example, String 'Hello' should look like 'olleH'. How to reve....Read More

How to create sub branch and generate pull request from sub branch to master branch in git

Subbranch provides a way through which we can generate our code without affecting the master branch or code base. After completing the changes we can generate pull request from sub-branch to master branch. Here in this blog, we will discuss below points: 1. Create a sub-branch from the master branch 2. Add few changes on sub branch 3. Add, commit and push the code in sub branch 4. Send the pull request from sub-branch to master branch 5. Accept the pull request and merge the code into the m....Read More