Cucumber is a tool which supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD). This tool is basically used for writing plan language tests so that anyone can understand this regardless of any technical skills.

In cucumber, initially end users(BA’s, product owners etc) write scenarios that describes the behaviour of the System after that Developers and Automation Engineer write their code.

In the market, there are many other tools like JBehave which also support this BDD framework nature. Cucumber was implemented in Ruby initially and then later it is extended for Java framework.It also supports many other languages like Perl, PHP, Python, Net etc.

Behavior Driven Development(BDD) is an extension of Test Driven Development(TDD).So before going further, let’s dicuss first on TDD.

What is TDD
Test Driven Development(TDD) is a process or programming practice which instruct developer or automation engineer to write a test before writing a code, that means desing first before writing the functional code.
We follow below steps to perform TDD test:
1. Write or add a test.
2. Execute all the tests and verify if any new test fails.
3. Write code in the failed test to make it pass
4. Run all tests again
5. Regular refactroing to make code more robust and repeat this scenarios.

What is BDD

Role Of Gherkin

Advantages Of Cucumber