Feature Of MySQL

The following list shows the most important features or properties of MySQL.

1)Relational Database Management System:

MySQL is a relational database Management system like other modern database systems on the market.

2)Data Security:

MySQL is the most secure and reliable database management system used in popular web applications. which is the most of benefit for any business especially if it is an eCommerce business that involves frequent money transfers.

3)High Performance:

MySQL performance is very high, Because of its unique storage engine architecture. And MySQL is ensuring optimum speed, full-text indexes and unique memory caches for enhanced performance.

4)Client/Server Architecture:

MySQL is follow a client/server architecture. There is a database server (MySQL) and randomly many clients (application programs), which communicate with the server; that is, they query data, save changes, etc. The clients can run on the same computer as the server or on another computer.

5)High Productivity:

The Productivity of MySQL is higher, Because MySQL uses Triggers, Index and views They are listed below with short descriptions.

  • Trigger : A trigger is a set of action that are run automatically, when a specified change operation like MySQL insert update and delete is performed on specific table.
  • Index : In MySQL, User can’t the see the index, they are just used to speed up queries and database search engine to locate records very fast.
  • View : A view is virtual table, Its contains rows and column just like a Real Table.

6)Fast Speed:

MySQL is faster, more reliable database program.