How to Install TestNG

Below are the steps through which we can understand how to install TestNG in Eclipse IDE.

Step 1: Open Eclipse IDE -> Navigate to menu bar -> Click Help -> Choose Eclipse Marketplace option.

Step 2: In the Eclipse Marketplace dialogue box, type TestNG in the search box and press the search button and after finding the value click on Install button.

Step 3: A new confirmation window for feature selection will open, Click on confirm button.

Step 4: Click next on the remaining dialogue box until you reach on the agreement page. Accept the license agreement and click Finish.

Step 5: After that we need to wait for the installation.

Step 6: There might be a chance to get security warning during installation so click on Ok button and after that click on Ok button to restart eclipse to see changes on eclipse.

Step 7: After the restart check if TestNG is installed successfully. Navigate to Window -> Preferences and check if TestNG is mentioned on the list.